Making dream shots a reality

We’re here to help take your life offline <pause for moment to panic>, in true instax style. Yes, you can now turn your must-keep memories into physical creative prints.

Taking the best pictures from your smartphone (or social media account), the instax SHARE SP-3 stylishly presents them in a sophisticated colour square format instax print. All with a single click of a button

Portable, speedy and super classy this printer is a match made in heaven for smartphones.

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Wireless printing

Print here, here or even here.

Forget the cables. We did. Simply choose your favourite shots on your phone or compatible FUJIFILM X Series camera and transfer via Wi-Fi from the instax SHARE app to the instax SHARE SP-3. No need to plug in. No need to detangle. 100% seamless.

instax SQUARE film

Add edge to your memories.

Our SQUARE format film is a firm favourite among photographers (and who can blame them? It’s a perfectionist’s dream). That’s why the stylish instax SHARE SP-3 was just crying out for our 1:1 ratio film.

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